Looking for a loving & caring Babysitter? Now 30 days free trial!

The Swiss Elly Sitter app helps busy parents find a loving and caring childcare taker. The perfect alternative to existing care minding services, but one that also works in emergency cases like:

    ✓ School holidays                 
    ✓ Meetings                      
    ✓ Last-Minute obligations.

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How it works


1. Parent: download free app & set your profile

1. Sitter: download app for free


2. Parent: screen sitters & review ratings

2. Sitter: set up your profile


3. Parent: book sitter, choose subscription & rate your sitter

3. Sitter: receive booking requests & accept or decline

Please ensure that the push notification feature for the Elly Sitter App is enabled in the mobile phone settings.


Why us...

Children greatly enrich the lives of their parents, but at the same time they disrupt all existing life structures.

Who has not been in this situation? Your partner is on a business trip, an important meeting can not be rescheduled, grandparents are not available, the nanny is on a holiday or your child is getting sick and cannot go to school, kindergarden or daycare. Or maybe you just planned a romantic night for which you need a babysitter.

Elly Sitter is set up by two young women in Switzerland. Their goal is to give parents a secure feeling in having a plan B while raising your kids. We try to make your life a little easier when it comes to finding a childcare taker.


Our Elly Sitter's

Every day, we receive exciting CVs from approaching teachers, childcare specialists in education or female students. In the app's profile you'll find all information about the person. If you want more security, don't hesitate and ask the sitters on their first visit for references or a complete resume. Our Elly's will love to give you an insight into their qualifications.

 Nadina    "ich freue mich riesig mit Elly Sitter zu arbeiten" 

"With Elly Sitter I can work flexible
next to my studies"


"As a future teacher (in education), I love children above all"


"I will take care of your child
with all possible attention"

Conditions SIMPLE CARE

For sitters the service is free of charge. Parents can download the app for free and choose a subscription only when contacting a sitter. Within the booked months, parents can reach as many sitters as they like.

✓   1 Month Membership:      30 CHF

✓   3 Months Membership:    60 CHF

✓ 12 Months Membership:  120 CHF

The subscription comes with a free trial of 30 days before the chosen subscription starts and is automatically renewed. You can cancel your subscription free of charge during the trial period. To cancel your subscription at any time, please refer to the instructions from Apple and Google.

All prices are including VAT. For a detailed description of the entire scope of services we kindly direct you to our T&C's.

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Future vision


As soon as possible we want to extend our matching service Simple Care with All-in Care. A Service with in App-payment and an fixed hourly rate. We will take care of the entire administrative part of the booking - from the officially registering to the payment of the sitters.


Why book All-in Care?

  • Sitter has reached the age of majority, are interviewed and officially registered

  • Social securities are arranged

  • No unnecessary risks with accidents

  • No black labour

  • Easy in-app payment

  • Reliable ratings from friends

What are the advantages for the caretaker?

  • Fair salary incl. holiday compensation

  • Insurances and social security is arranged

  • A valid working contract and monthly payment slip

  • Flexible working hours to match their personal calendar